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Indian Trade Remedies Review 2021

It was business as usual with Indian trade remedy investigations in 2021, which saw 92 products facing investigations across 17 product sectors and 33 countries/regions.

2021 also saw an unpredictable trend of only 32% of positive recommendations being accepted by Ministry of Finance and 39% being rejected or time-barred. 15% of cases being terminated by DGTR itself. In addition, India also for the first time, suspended trade remedy measures for a period of 1 year in respect of certain steel products.

Trade remedy law continued its evolution with the conclusion of India's first ever Quantitative Restriction Safeguard investigation, introduction of anti-absorption provisions and taking a step towards considering public interest in Anti-Dumping/Anti-Subsidy investigations by proposing a questionnaire response.

Tribunal also delivered an important judgment which required Ministry of Finance to give reasons for rejecting the recommendations of DGTR.

Read more about the trends and numbers by clicking on the document link below.

IndianTradeRemediesReview 2021
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