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Indian Trade Remedy Update: 01Jan-01 Feb 2022

India Trade Remedy Jan 22 Snapshot
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Between 01-January-2022 and 01-February-2022, India saw 13 determinations (either by MoF or DGTR) and 2 new AD investigations initiated by DGTR.

Out of 13 determinations –

  • In 4 steel related cases, AD/CVD duties imposed earlier were permanently revoked in Budget by MoF.

  • In 5 cases, DGTR’s positive recommendations were rejected by MoF.

  • In 1 case, DGTR recommended withdrawal of AD duty and MoF obliged.

  • In 2 cases, DGTR has made positive determinations (one relates to name change review) and decision is pending with MoF.

  • In only 1 case, DGTR’s positive determination was accepted by MoF.

While affected parties are expected to challenge the decisions of MoF, however, the larger issue of divergent views of 2 bodies still remains. This makes Indian trade remedy disputes uncertain and problematic.

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