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Trade Law News | Oct 08, 2021

Two new notifications relating affecting international trade coming in from India and one from the UK -

  • INDIA: New BIS order on Flat Transparent Sheet Glass

Ministry of Commerce has issued a Quality Control Order on October 07, 2021, to mandatorily require the use of Standard Mark under a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards in respect of Flat Transparent Sheet Glass

The order will be effective from April 01, 2022, and will be applicable irrespective of its place of origin, whether in India or from other countries. The order will not, however, be applicable on the export of said glass from India.

BIS Order
Download PDF • 1.47MB

  • INDIA: Finance Ministry rejects ADD recommendation on Melamine imports from China

Ministry of Finance has rejected DGTR's recommendation of imposing anti-dumping duty on imports of Melamine from China. Reasons for rejecting the recommendations is not mentioned in the said order.

The said ADD was first imposed in November 2004 and has continued ever since. In the latest sunset review, DGTR again examined the need for the continued imposition of ADD and concluded that the said measure is required to be continued at the rate of USD 161/MT for the next 5 years.

Melamine Rejection OM
Download PDF • 279KB

  • UK: TRA to review anti-dumping measures on aluminium road wheels

As per a press release issued by the UK Trade Remedies Authority, it has initiated a transition review into an anti-dumping measure on aluminium road wheels, a measure that was transitioned following the UK’s exit from the EU, to determine if the measure is fit for purpose in the UK.

This review may also have an impact in India since the Indian authority has also recently initiated an ADD review on the same products from China.

Link to press release:

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